Auto Appraisals

Palm Beach Florida Auto AppraisalsThere are many reasons to have an appraisal, however the single most important reason is to protect your investment. Your insurance company, regardless of which one is going to have to develop a value to determine a loss. A carefully documented appraisal of your vehicles specifics, correctness, photos, documentation of parts and labor are key to the true value of your vehicle being recognized. Any restorer or owner knows that the difference in a 85 point car and a 95 point car to isn’t always obvious to an untrained eye. However, the difference in the cost of Restoration between those two examples is thousands of dollars. Allow the experts at Expert Auto Appraisals to establish the true value of your vehicle.

Pre Purchase Inspections

Porsche Pre Purchase InspectionExpert Auto Appraisals offers Pre Purchase Inspections to assist both buyers and sellers. This service is incredibly valuable to all levels of buyers and sellers. In short, this service is an appraisal of the vehicle your about to engage in a transaction with. We specialize in special interest automobiles and cater to the needs of the collectors and enthusiasts that enjoy them.

As a buyer, regardless of your experience, there’s a huge advantage in having a reliable, expert, 2nd opinion of a vehicle’s condition, correctness, originality, and value. Even the most experienced car buyers rely heavily on opinions of others.
As a seller, preparing your car for sale is important, but just as important is placing your car value within the market range for the vehicle. A well priced vehicle will always sell within a reasonable time frame. Allow us to inform you of your vehicles strengths and weaknesses, and our opinion of the cars value at time of sale. Here’s just some of the recent pre purchase inspections we’ve performed.

Diminished Value Appraisals

Florida Diminished Value AppraisalsExpert Auto Appraisals is your 1st choice for determining the loss of valuation to your car due to an event that your car was involved in. A Diminished value Appraisal is needed for an insured to recover the loss of value that your vehicle has suffered due to an accident or incident in which it has been involved in.

If your vehicle has been involved in an accident, to some degree, the value of your vehicle has been negatively affected. The cars that are most affected are high end cars. The value of a 1-3 year old Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Lexus, or any other brand of like type, that prior to the accident was a top condition vehicle, are the vehicles most affected. Our services are designed to assist you in fairly indemnifying yourself for the loss of value that you car has suffered.

Motorcycle Appraisals

Motorcycle Appraisal FloridaWe offer a great service to owners of collectible and custom motorcycles. Having your custom motorcycle appraised is very important. Most owners of Motorcycles spend a large amount of money and time making their bike unique. It’s very important to be able to document your investment and efforts. The components and hours of labor needed to build the bike is almost impossible to document without a professional appraisal being done. We appraise both Vintage and Custom Cycles.

Ebay and Online Buyer Services

ebay buyers assistanceIn today’s age, finding that perfect car can often be done by searching eBay, Traderonline, Craigslist, and many other online venues. However the distance can be difficult to deal with comfortably. We offer a very comprehensive buyer service that will assist you in buying a vehicle remotely. If you’re considering the purchase of a vehicle and need someone to assist with the inspection, we are your answer. We will inspect the vehicle in question, report our findings, offer a market analysis, and can even assist in closing the transaction.