1963 Chevrolet Corvette 711 Viva Las Vegas


I recently traveled to Anaheim California to perform a pre purchase inspection and appraisal on this unique 1963 Corvette Split Window Coupe. This is a real neat piece of Corvette history. This car was shipped to Harry Mann Chevrolet and was campaigned on the road courses in Southern California by Gary Pickens. This car was raced with the 711 numbers painted as dice for about a year when the producers of Viva Las Vegas picked the car to be one of the many great cars that were featured in the movie starring Elvis Presley and Anne Margaret.This car sat for over 40 years until discovered. The car has been professionally restored by Nabers Brothers in Houston Texas to original racing glory. As inspected the car has the Z06 equipment that was believed to be dealer installed by Gary Pickens. A really neat car and I must say, was an impressive car on the road today. This car is for sale by Corvette Mike in Anaheim, CA.

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Here’s a great look at this car back in the day!

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